Gala Dinner


DATE: Friday, 21.09. 2018


LOCATION: Stara Zajezdnia Kraków by DeSilva, Św. Wawrzyńca 12 Str.


Stara Zajezdnia Kraków by DeSilva - situated in the heart of Kazimierz Jewish District - is a place that combines history with modernity. The building features a beer hall with a mini brewery, a restaurant and a yard. All participants are invited to take part in Gala Dinner - this is included in the registration fee.


Stara Zajezdnia Kraków by DeSilva was established in 1913 as a tram depot along with the introduction of a broad-gauge tram line in Krakow. Stara Zajezdnia was the second facility of this type at the time. The first one was a sixtrack hall built nearby to house a narrow-gauge track, which is currently a home to the Museum of Municipal Engineering. It stopped functioning as a depot in the early 1960s when trams were removed and a gradual deterioration lead to its closure in 2007.


The renovated building of Stara Zajezdnia is a unique facility. The hall is an example of wooden framework architecture with brick filling, very rare in Cracow, commonly called the “Prussian wall”. The hall front is decorated with a picturesque top bearing a clock with Art Nouveau finish. The Main Hall belongs to an architectural and construction complex, which is under legal protection - entered into the register of monuments in 1985 and the World Cultural and Natural Heritage List UNESCO, and known as a historical monument.