Travel to Krakow

By plane

The International Airport Krakow-Balice is situated approx. 11 km from the city center. The network of routes from Krakow Airport includes most of European capitals and the largest airline hubs.

Krakow Airport website:

By train

The Main Railway Station (Dworzec Główny) is conveniently situated at the northern part of the Old Town. The city has direct railway connections with most of the bigger towns in Poland, and Germany, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic.

There are also several daily fast train connections with Warsaw (the capital city). The journey takes just over 2 hours.

By bus

The biggest bus station is situated at Bosacka Street, next to the Main Railway Station. Popular international connections to/from Kraków are: Berlin, Budapest, Prague, Vienna.

Kraków Bust Station website: 

By car

Many national roads and motorways intersect in Krakow, among others the A4 running directly from the German border.

Visa Information

Poland is a member of the European Union so citizens of EU countries are not required a visa. Poland is also part of the Schengen Agreement, therefore citizens of countries within the Schengen Agreeement are not required visas as well. Visa are required for citizens of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

The detailed list of VISA - free countries is available here.

Detailed information on travel to Poland and all the requiements, you can found on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic of Poland.

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