Useful Information & Local Transport


Time in Poland is GMT+1 (winter), GMT+2 (summer).


The Polish climate is transitional between maritime and continental. The weather is rather changeable and is likely to surprise.

Please check the weather here.


The official currency in Poland is the Polish Zloty (PLN). EUR 1 equals approx. PLN 4.

The best way to check the current Polish Zloty (PLN) exchange rate is to go to the website of the National Bank of Poland.

Polish Zlotys may be obtained from an ATM or foreign currency may be exchanged in banks and exchange offices at airports and railway stations.

Credit cards

Major credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard are widely accepted; American Express is also accepted but to a lesser extent.


Electricity in Poland is 230V. Electrical outlets in Poland are 2P+Z type.

Tram and bus tickets

Tickets can be bought at newsagents or from ticket machines at bus and tram stops. Ticket machines can also be found on a number of buses and trams. Drivers can sell tickets as well, but please note that they only have “multiple trip valid 60 min” tickets and reduced tickets available. All these options are cash only.

Ticket prices for all day lines and night lines
any one journey for 1 person: PLN 3.80 (normal), PLN 1.90 (half-rate)
short-term for 1 person:
- 24 h ticket: PLN 15.00 (normal), PLN 7.50 (half-rate)
- 48 h ticket: PLN 24.00 (normal), PLN 12.00 (half-rate)
- 72 h ticket: PLN 36.00 (normal), PLN 18.00 (half-rate)
- 7 day ticket: PLN 48.00 (normal), PLN 24.00 (half-rate)

For planning your trip by public transport use: